Our Team

Courtney Francois

Pastor Courtney FrancoisCourtney Francois Serves as a district pastor in the local Adventist Church conference, the South Caribbean Conference. He has been a minister for over 15 years and has a passion for technology. From his ministry has arisen a dynamic ministry in Resurface Broadcasting Network. He wears many Resurface hats: strategic planner, business development and more.

Follow Courtney Francois on Twitter @resurfacenetwork

Avalon Francois

Avonelle Francois Avalon Francois is the wife of Pastor Francois and supports her husband in the varied ministries in involving technologies. Avonelle functions as the chief finance and operations person.

Follow Avonelle Francois on Twitter @resurfacenetwork

Tech Team

Tech TeamIt’s just a bunch of nerds, academics and kitchen sink guys who drive the technical support of the Resurface Broadcasting Network. But we do have to make mention of our stalwarts, or main Tech support member Wayne, Mark and Byron.

Follow Tech members @connellhunte @waynemaynard @markkhan

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